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First Church of God in Christ, Clifton Forge, VA

First in Faith, First in Family, First in Fellowship

Pastor Leon Taylor @ VA #2 Convocation- clip#2

2nd Jurisdiction Convocation Communion Service- Bishop Green, Prelate

Pastor Leon Taylor, Sr.

Spanning over 45 years in ministry, Pastor Taylor is a proven preacher, who remains faithful to his kingdom assigment and steadfast to his original calling to feed God's sheep.

Pastor Taylor is one of God's best kept secrets. His ministry is uniquely characterized by several testimonies of healing, deliverance, and prophetic encounters.

As the oracle of God, this preacher''s messages are pointed, practical and pivotal to the attentive listener. He remains Biblically sound, and skillfully delivers a Word for the season.

A native of Newport News, Virginia, Pastor Leon Taylor was born in 1946, his early years were firmly molded by his parents, Andrew Robinson Taylor and Katherine Joyner Taylor, who were both faithful believers, supportive church members and tested prayer warriors. Eventually, Pastor Taylor yielded his life to God at the age of 18. Shortly thereafter, Pastor Taylor was inducted into the United States Army during the Vietnam conflict earning distinction by being awarded both the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star for Valor. Pastor Taylor's testimony of God's deliverance on the battlefields of Vietnam is a hallmark of his preaching and has blessed many. After his military service, Pastor Taylor returned to his ministry home, St. John's COGIC, where his mentor and spiritual father, Bishop Samuel L. Green, Jr., pastors. It was under this ministry and with the Bishop's close guidance Pastor Taylor's ministerial call was acknowledged, nurtured and after being proven, he was launched into the pastorate.

Pastor Taylor was dispatched to the First Church of God in Christ in 1987. Originally located at 40 County Road, in Clifton Forge. First COGIC was affectionately known then as the " little white church in the alley." The membership of First COGIC has supported and loved Pastor Taylor, his wife, Lady Fannie Taylor and family for over 22 years. During this pastorate, the membership has grown spiritually and has been bonded in love. Members are given opportunites to serve in the following auxiliaries as: Ministers, Missionaries, Choir, Sunday School, Noon Prayer and Youth Ministry. Pastor Taylor and First COGIC have a heart and burden for the community where they reside. During the calendar year, First COGIC hosts several community events where the love of Christ can be seen, heard, and felt. First COGIC is a beacon and a hope to many. Within the worship experience, families, men, women and children of different ages, socio economic stations, and ethnicities find answers as Pastor Taylor preaches, teaches and dispenses the unadulterated, uncompromising Word of God.

First COGIC is uniquely blessed that Pastor Taylor "has remained on the wall" in a city characterized by several transient ministers. One of the most significant accomplishments for First COGIC, is that under Pastor Taylor's leadership the church moved from the church in the alley to the church's current location at 603 Verge Street Clifton Forge, VA. Pastor Taylor and First COGIC are currently planning to extend the ministry within the town of Clifton Forge by forming a non- profit entity and Life Center to provide tangible solutions for issues facing many.

As a "senior statesman" he is a pastoral support, mentor and teacher to many of God's preachers, teachers and pastors within his COGIC fellowship and the kingdom of God.

Ministry Profile Sketch

  • Ministerial Licensed received 1965
  • Elder Ordination received 1969
  • Sunday Morming Prayer Leader
  • President of Elders Board
  • Auxiliary Lead Upper Room
  • President, Prison Ministry
  • Appointed Pastoral Administrative Assistant to Bishop Green
  • Pastorate 1986 First COGIC, Buchanan
  • Pastorate 1987 First COGIC, Clifton Forge
  • Assigned as Assistant Superintendent of Covington District
  • 2nd Jurisdiction, Chairman of General Assembly

Awards of Distinction

  • Purple Heart
  • Bronze Star with V for Valor
  • Covington District Pastor of the Year
  • Allegheny County Church of the Year

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